きよめ餅1つ1つに本来入る”きよめ”の焼印。こちらを、COBOOトレードマーク”COBOO HEBI”の焼印バージョンとして!さらにめでたい紅白饅頭。


きよめ餅総本家 : http://www.kiyome.net/

*2008 COBOOパーカノベルティー企画は、現在、終了致しております。

Nagoya’s famous Kiyome mochi and Coboo

Kiyome mochi souhonke is a well known sweets manufacturer in Nagoya with the tag line:
Kiyome mochi is a souvenir from Nagoya ”Kiyome mochi is a souvenir from Atsuta shrine”

Everyone knows from Kiyome mochi’s television commercial that kiyome mochi is as soft as a child’s cheek.
Coboo collaborated with kiyome mochi on a special mochi.
Kiyome mochi originally has the kiyome mark. But the collaboration had the Coboo trademark “Coboo Hebi” stamped on it! Furthermore,
the manju(steamed bun) is red and white.
The first version of Coboo Kiyome mochi was given as a novelty item to the customers who reserved the Coboo parka released in fall of 2008.
There were great responses to this, so we will definitely continue with it! Please watch for it

Kiyome mochi family

*2008 COBOO parka commemorative gift project is over.
*COBOO ver. of Kiyome mochi is no longer for sale.