と#Repost @unitedblockcustoms with @make_repost・・・Here are some of the parts we have been building over the past 6years. The road was rough, and at first it didn't go well at all. Neither the parts, nor the relationships related to money. There was a time when we were lonely. There were also negative rumors towards us. Now, 6years later. Now, six years later, we have a great group of friends in sales, and our recognition in Japan is moving in the right direction. Now, 6years later, we have friends in sales, recognition in Japan, and requests from all over the world. Now that we have a full inventory and a system in place, it feels like we are finally making a real start. I would like to thank my customers and friends who have supported me for the past 6years, and I can recommend this brand with confidence.Welcome to the world of UBC!I would like to visit different places in the world. I want to go on adventures. I want to go to various places in the world, I want to be adventurous, and this brand is all about expressing such adventurous spirit through design.Sorry for the delay, but I am Narita, the General Creative Director of UBC.I will do my best to let everyone in the world know that there are bikers with passion in Japan.#unitedblockcustoms #harleydavidson #motorcyclelife #billetparts #lbtrikeworks #madeinjapan